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Planning for fire safety

home safety

Fire Prevention Week starts on October 8, 2017 and is a reminder for homeowners to assess home fire safety.

How are MCT brokers trusted guides and advisors?

At MCT, we’re trusted guides and advisors when it comes to insurance. When a customer refers their friends or family to us, we know they’re confident in our abilities to provide the best insurance advice. What does being a trusted advisor and guide mean? Here’s an overview from some of our team members.

Savings tips on home insurance

Save on home insurance premiums

There are ways for homeowners to reduce the cost of home insurance without sacrificing insurance coverage. Here are seven tips recommended by MCT insurance brokers to reduce the cost of home insurance. Savings may vary depending on your location, insurance coverage and claims history.

Insurance and craft show vendors

According to the Atlantic Canada Trade Show – which attracts over 1,000 pre-qualified retailers from Atlantic, Central and Western Canada and the United States – the region’s tourism market, which generates approximately $3.24 billion per year, is a key market sector for businesses who produce crafts or gift ware.

Hurricane season and homeowners: prepare with home insurance


Hurricane season in Canada starts in June and lasts until the end of November. This is when northern Atlantic Ocean waters are warm enough to support conditions for hurricanes, tropical storms and other severe weather. Atlantic Canada sees an average of six tropical storms a year. With a minimum wind speed of 120 kilometers per hour, torrential rainfall and storm surges, hurricanes can cause substantial damage to home properties.