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10 tips to help protect your business from cyber threats


Today’s digital world offers convenience, accessibility and speed. At the same time, it also makes users and businesses vulnerable to cyber threats such as viruses, data breaches and identity fraud.

Does your business have the safeguards in place to prevent cyber threats, and most importantly, to protect your business if a cyber incident takes place?

Insurance is never secondary, especially for secondary suites

secondary_suite_MCTRenting out a secondary suite in your home can be a great way for a homeowner to supplement their mortgage payments while providing renters with affordable housing. Whether you are renting out a secondary suite in your home or renting one yourself, there are important insurance factors to consider.

Hiring a contractor for your business? Make insurance a priority


When hiring a contractor or subcontractor to help with your business, verify they have proper insurance. This not only protects you in the event of loss or damage, but also minimizes losses from an uninsured contractor on your property.

Tornado watches, warnings and damage: What you need to know


Even though it is the middle of summer and the sun is shining, warmer conditions can sometimes be favourable to cause severe weather such as damaging thunderstorms, hailstorms and even tornadoes. A poll conducted by the Insurance Bureau of Canada, revealed the majority of Canadians do not prepare for the possibility of severe weather despite the increase in its frequency and severity.

On vacation? Be careful what you share on social media


School is over, long weekends are popping up, and everyone is taking the time to enjoy summer and vacations. One thing to be aware of is how much you share on your social media. Everything you put online can help a criminal steal your identity or even break into your home while you are away. Learn how to stay safe online.