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Should I get overland flood coverage if I live in the Maritimes?

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When fresh-water sources, such as lakes and rivers, overflow onto the land from heavy rainfall or melted snow, it is called an “overland flood.” While cases of overland floods have increased across Canada, the Maritimes are more prone to them because of heavy rainfall in the region.

Since 2016, some insurance providers have started to offer overland flood coverage for home insurance policies. If you live in the Maritimes and are thinking about getting overland flood coverage, here are some things to consider.

Overland flood coverage: points to consider

Determining if you’re eligible for the coverage

If you live in a known flood plain, an insurance company may not be able to provide you overland flood coverage. Check with your MCT Insurance broker to confirm your eligibility.

Understanding how overland flood coverage protects you

Depending on the insurance provider, overland flood coverage typically protects property owners from the following:

  • surface water damage (i.e. rain water)
  • groundwater damage (if caused by rainwater and sudden and accidental events, such as a leak)
  • damage to water and sewer lines

Also, overland flood coverage often covers expenses to install flood-prevention devices (such as a water monitoring system) after a covered loss. This means the claim would need to be submitted first before the cost is covered. Depending on the insurance company, groundwater coverage may be included with overland flood coverage or available for purchase separately. Check with your MCT Insurance broker on what is included with your overland flood coverage.

Taking measures to protect your home

Even if your insurance provider offers overland flood coverage, taking measures to protect your home is the best preparation. Check out our blog for flood prevention tips and detailed descriptions of flood-prevention devices, such as water sensors and sump pumps. Also, our home-inventory checklist is a way to document your belongings, which helps in the event of a claim.

Overland floods are unpredictable. However, being informed is something you can control. If you have any questions, contact MCT Insurance. We’re experienced in dealing with, and helping our customers protect their homes from scenarios which can result from Maritime weather.