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Auto Insurance Posts

Ask a Broker: What can I expect when filing my first insurance claim?

As with any new experience, making an insurance claim for the first time can feel like unfamiliar territory. Learn how our MCT Insurance brokers help in the process and, depending on the claim you make, how it may unfold.

Insurance tips for the post-secondary student


With fall fast approaching, as a student you will be packing up your belongings to move to your new lodgings on or near campus. With many important decisions to make while at school, insurance needs should be one of them. Before packing away your laptop, television and iPad, review your insurance coverage. Ensure your vehicle and personal belongings are covered in case of accidental loss or damage while you are away at school.

Decoding the spill: what’s leaking under your car?


If you pull out of your parking spot and see that your car has left a puddle behind, questions may rush through your mind. What is leaking? Should I drive straight to my mechanic or can it wait? Can I fix it myself? How much is this going to cost to repair?

Before you start worrying, take a moment to look at the fluid. What colour is it? Most cars have at least six different fluids that can leak from under the hood: brake fluid, coolant, windshield washer fluid, engine oil, power steering fluid and transmission fluid.

Car maintenance tips for your road trip


Planning on going on a road trip? Before you head out on the open road, check your car to make sure that it is in good condition and running smooth. With this checklist, you will be free to roll down the windows and enjoy the open road.

Classic car owners: how to properly insure your prized possession

2016_06_07_Vintage Car Blog Header_MCTGood weather means it is time to enjoy your classic car, including: taking it out of the garage, polishing it to a sparkle and going for a sunset cruise.

If you are the proud owner of a classic car, you know you will need special protection for your prized possession. Classic car insurance provides benefits and coverage that goes beyond a standard car insurance policy. While standard policies assume a car’s value will decrease over time, classic car insurance assumes the car’s value will either increase or remain stable.