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How do I insure a commercial fishing boat?

In addition to tourism, fishing is a large industry in the Maritimes. This industry keeps commercial insurance advisors and marine experts at MCT Insurance busy.

“Our business revolves around the fisheries, we insure the fishers as well as the fish plants,” said Rose Wade, MCT commercial insurance manager. “Fish from the Maritimes are shipped all over the world. Insurance for these customers is unique; it’s whole different kettle of fish, so to speak.” 

Hiring a contractor for your business? Make insurance a priority


When hiring a contractor or subcontractor to help with your business, verify they have proper insurance. This not only protects you in the event of loss or damage, but also minimizes losses from an uninsured contractor on your property.

Types of Insurance Coverage Your Business Needs

Commercial Insurance 101 Blog Header_MCTAt MCT, we can help you understand business insurance and help you find the types of coverage your business needs.

By reviewing this guide, you are one step closer to understanding your business’s insurance and what you should be covered for.

MCT’s loss prevention checklist – how many can your business check off?

Loss Prevention Plan Header_MCT-01_resized

As a smart business owner, you do everything you can to make sure your business is properly protected. You have business insurance to protect you in case of a loss. But how do you minimize the chance of a loss in the first place? The answer – by incorporating a loss prevention plan.

Cyber insurance and your business

Cyber insurance and your businessToday’s online world offers convenience, accessibility and speed. It also makes users vulnerable to cyber attacks such as viruses, data breaches and identity fraud or theft.