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Do I need to purchase extra insurance when renting a car?

Car Rental_MCT

You have been waiting in line long enough and before you can take the keys and start exploring the new city, you are asked by the car rental agent – would you like to purchase rental insurance?

Debunking common insurance myths: it costs more to insure a red car


True or False: It costs more to insure a red car?

Driving to new adventures

Driving to new adventures

Are you in the market for a new vehicle? Whether you’re an experienced buyer or this is your first big purchase, you need to have a game plan. Here is some helpful advice to guide you in making an informed decision about the features you want as well as the insurance you will need.

Time for an auto insurance refresher

Time for an auto refresher

Does your auto insurance have enough coverage to keep you and your family protected? September is a great time to review your insurance, and we have some helpful tips on what to look for.

Top 10 cars stolen – is yours on the list?

Car burglar in action

Did you know a car is stolen every three and a half minutes in Canada? Although the rate of auto theft has decreased over the years, many Canadians still fall victim to this crime every day.