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Why you need tenant insurance

Tenant Insurance Coverage MCT

Found the perfect apartment? Booked the moving truck?

It’s exciting to find an apartment, house or townhome to rent, but don’t overlook tenant insurance. Not only does it help to protect your belongings in the event of a claim but it also covers other areas and things you are responsible for as a renter. Tenants or renters insurance is one of the most important details for any renter.

Ask a Broker: What can I expect when filing my first insurance claim?

As with any new experience, making an insurance claim for the first time can feel like unfamiliar territory. Learn how our MCT Insurance brokers help in the process and, depending on the claim you make, how it may unfold.

Planning a move? Make sure you are packed with these tips

Moving Blog Header_MCTIf you are planning a move, whether across the country or just down the street, make sure your belongings stay protected. Here are some helpful insurance tips to make your move as smooth and easy as possible:

The art of insurance protection

The art of insurance protection

The right painting or sculpture can add some je ne sais quoi to any room in your home. However, there is a fine art to finding the right policy for your artwork and sculptures to ensure adequate protection.

Preparing for a storm

Tropical storm Arthur is expected to bring high winds and heavy rain to Nova Scotia and New Brunswick this weekend. To make sure your family and your home are prepared, here are some things to keep in mind: