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Find a broker near you in Canning , Nova Scotia

ACanning (MCT) - We've moved969 Seminary Avenue, P.O. Box 99
Canning (MCT) - We've moved969 Seminary Avenue, P.O. Box 99
Office Hours 8:30AM - 12:00PM (Monday to Friday)
Fax: 902-582-7720

Canning, like so many communities in Nova Scotia, is blessed with history, charm and natural beauty. It’s a place of simple pleasures, like skating at the Glooscap Arena, catching a local performer at the Canning Fire Hall, dropping in on local artist Alan Bateman or visiting the Canning Heritage Centre to discuss the finer points of Annapolis Valley history. Why, there’s even a Canning Village Crier. Our Canning-area brokers will keep your life uncomplicated with a customized personal or commercial insurance policy. We’ll develop options to fit your needs, then provide free competitive quotes. So for business insurance, home insurance, car insurance or boat insurance, call your MCT broker in Canning to get insurance that’s right for you at a great price.

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