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Do you need a computer for your business? Why cyber insurance is important.

A cyberattack is a deliberate attempt to breach or damage a computer system or network. According the Canadian federal government, a single cyberattack can cost a business an average of $15,000.

Nova Scotia storm: information to know

A winter storm in Nova Scotia is expected to occur on Thursday, January 4, 2018. If you experience damage to your property or vehicle as a result of the storm, please contact your insurance company directly. To view a list of insurance companies, please click here.

Insurance tips during the holiday season

For many, the holiday season could mean shopping online for gifts, leaving home for a vacation or hosting a holiday house party. While festive, these scenarios have opportunities for the “unexpected” to happen –such as identity theft when shopping online. We outline how insurance can help when it comes to hosting a holiday house party, purchasing gifts online and leaving for a vacation. 

Understanding car insurance coverages and terms


At MCT Insurance, our brokers are trusted advisors. When vehicle owners need to renew their insurance, it’s an opportunity for them to assess their car insurance with their MCT Insurance broker. As part of this assessment, our brokers will likely refer to specific insurance terms and coverages. Let’s outline common car insurance terms and insurance coverages which can help drivers.

Tips to stay safe while shopping online

For many, shopping for gifts online is part of the holiday season. Online shopping can be convenient, but could result in identity theft scams – when this occurs, someone’s personal information is stolen for financial gain. These scams can be costly – in 2016, identity theft caused Canadians over $40 million in losses. Here are some ways to reduce the chance of getting caught in an identity theft scam and the benefits of extra insurance coverage.