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Ask a Broker: What can I expect when filing my first insurance claim?

As with any new experience, making an insurance claim for the first time can feel like unfamiliar territory. Learn how our MCT Insurance brokers help in the process and, depending on the claim you make, how it may unfold.

Gather all the details

Regardless of the claim you’re making, it is important to gather as much information as possible. This will help the broker in guiding you through the claims process.

“Brokers at MCT Insurance will help someone making their first claim by steering them through all the steps they need to take,” says Georgette Frotten, personal insurance advisor at Yarmouth. “We will connect you with your insurance adjuster who will need all the details of your claim.”
Your broker will help you organize those details of the event, compare it to your coverage and identify what other information or paperwork is needed.

“With the insurance adjuster we’ll help you find a preferred vendor to work with in addressing the damages in your claim,” Georgette continues. “From there our brokers will followup with you and your adjuster to help facilitate communication, make sure things are on track and advocate for you throughout the process.”

Automobile versus home claims

There are different requirements for home and auto claims.

In the event of a vehicle collision, you will need the other driver’s insurance information, statements from any witnesses and any police reports.

“In Nova Scotia, an accident causing damages of $2,000 or greater needs to be reported to the police,” explains Georgette. “Also, any hit-and-run incidents involving your vehicle, regardless of damages, needs to be reported within 24 hours.”

Georgette recommends having our accident checklist in your vehicle. Should an accident occur, this checklist will ensure details needed for a claim are collected.

Similarly, Georgette advises a home inventory checklist helps keep accurate records of your belongings in the event of a home insurance claim.

“Sometimes with property damage, especially in cases of water damage, our customers will need to act right away. Calling a plumber or contractor helps mitigate the damage right away, so in these cases I tell my clients to save any invoices and receipts as they may be able to get reimbursed,” says Georgette.

What about a business claim?

If you’re a small business owner, a claim could be about a loss incurred, such as theft. With business claims, contact and report it to your MCT commercial insurance broker within one business day.

Your commercial broker will help you complete a Proof of Loss report. This report will be reviewed by an adjuster and in the case of property damages, the adjuster may come to inspect your property. Other claims may require police reports. Your commercial broker can act as an intermediary and facilitate the process.

As with personal claims, gather all the details to allow for an efficient claims process.

MCT insurance brokers will help navigate you through all aspects of a claims process. Should you have any questions, contact your broker.