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Auto Insurance Tips Posts

It’s always a great idea to keep yourself informed, especially when it comes to insurance. Let the MCT car insurance blog be your one-stop-guide for all things auto insurance and stay informed. It doesn’t matter if you are a new driver or if you are a seasoned commuter, there’s always something to be learned about car insurance. With that in mind, our articles are designed to be both informative and entertaining in order to make learning a breeze. Want to be a better driver to save money on your insurance? Are you interested in keeping your car cleaner with just a few great tips? Learn how to separate truth from myth when it comes to car insurance with MCT articles. Enjoy the ride.

Understanding car insurance coverages and terms


At MCT Insurance, our brokers are trusted advisors. When vehicle owners need to renew their insurance, it’s an opportunity for them to assess their car insurance with their MCT Insurance broker. As part of this assessment, our brokers will likely refer to specific insurance terms and coverages. Let’s outline common car insurance terms and insurance coverages which can help drivers.

Steering clear of four auto insurance myths

MCT personal insurance brokers help customers through the auto insurance process. This includes educating drivers about which insurance coverage(s) they need and demystifying myths – incorrect auto-insurance assumptions – which cause confusion. Here are the truths to four auto insurance myths.

Insurance and moving to another province for work

People often move provinces for work or employment opportunities. In addition to getting packing tape and boxes, there are important insurance-related steps to take before hitting the road or airport. To allow for a seamless move, here are five insurance-related tips to ease the transition.   

Protecting your belongings from seasonal-weather scenarios

Protect your belongings from seasonal changes

As the seasons change in Atlantic Canada, they can bring sudden thawing and freezing, large volumes of run-off water and precipitation or storms. These seasonal changes can create scenarios where your belongings could be at risk, such as your home or car. We outline a few scenarios on what to do and share tips on preventative measures.

Top 20 tips to become a safer driver


Are you new to driving? Or have you been behind the wheel for decades? Being a safe driver takes a combination of factors, including experience, knowledge, skills and attitude.