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Tips to help Halloween house party hosts


A common way to celebrate Halloween is hosting a house party. In addition to setting up décor, the safety of guests is the homeowner’s responsibility. To prevent spooky surprises, we outline some tips which can help homeowners who are hosting a Halloween house party. 

Planning for fire safety

Fire Prevention Week starts on October 8, 2017 and is a reminder for homeowners to assess home fire safety.

How are MCT brokers trusted guides and advisors?

At MCT, we’re trusted guides and advisors when it comes to insurance. When a customer refers their friends or family to us, we know they’re confident in our abilities to provide the best insurance advice. What does being a trusted advisor and guide mean? Here’s an overview from some of our team members.

Savings tips on home insurance

Save on home insurance premiums

There are ways for homeowners to reduce the cost of home insurance without sacrificing insurance coverage. Here are seven tips recommended by MCT insurance brokers to reduce the cost of home insurance. Savings may vary depending on your location, insurance coverage and claims history.

Insurance and craft show vendors

In order to protect business owners who produce crafts or gift ware, the right insurance is important. Insurance can protect business owners from financial losses which could result from unexpected events, such as a lawsuit or damaged product. While dependent on the needs of the business, here are some insurance coverage options business owners involved in craft shows can consider.

Insurance coverage to consider

Commercial general liability insurance

Commercial general liability insurance can help business owners handle financial losses which could occur from bodily injury or property damage. For example, if a customer had an allergic reaction from a necklace purchased at a craft show, the business owner could be sued for damages.

Commercial auto insurance

Commercial auto insurance may be needed if a business owner uses a vehicle to transport their creations. If the vehicle is damaged while being used for business purposes, regular vehicle insurance may not provide coverage. A MCT commercial insurance broker can help business owners determine what coverage will work best for their business operation.

Comprehensive dishonesty, disappearance and destruction of money and securities

This type of coverage can help business owners handle losses which could occur from employee theft, or a loss of product on business premises. For business owners who operate at craft shows, they may have a large amount of cash on hand. If the cash is stolen, this coverage could help cover the loss.

Get the creative juices flowing: insurance pre-planning tips

Before becoming a craft show vendor, here are some tips which can prepare business owners for a conversation with an insurance broker:

Get proof of insurance and the appropriate level of coverage: craft show vendors are often expected to have a specific level of business insurance coverage and provide proof of this insurance to the event host/company. Receiving this information ahead of time will help the business owner know the amount of coverage they need to get, or, confirm existing coverage with their broker. Proof of insurance can be obtained by contacting a broker.

Know how long the craft show(s) will last: craft shows can often extend for a longer time period, such as the holiday season. This information will help a broker or an insurance company know how long the coverage is needed.

Determine if product will be sold at other locations: business owners often sell their product in more than one location. A broker will often ask if the business owner is selling at additional locations to determine if more insurance coverage is needed.

Keep the creativity going: contact a broker

Prior to selling at a craft show or hosting a craft event, contact a MCT Insurance broker. Our commercial insurance broker will assess the level of coverage a business owner needs and coverages which fit their operations.