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Insurance Tips Posts

Insurance is a huge part of day-to-day life and if you’re like most people, insurance brokers aside, you probably have unanswered questions. That’s probably why there are so many myths circling around out there about insurance. With so much information available on the subject and not a lot of reliable guidance, it’s easy to get caught up in the misinformation. Our blog articles are written to help guide everyone out there with insurance quandaries. Ever wondered how renting a car under your current insurance works? Or if it really costs more to insure a red car? Learn the answers to commonly asked questions about insurance.

Do you need a computer for your business? Why cyber insurance is important.

A cyberattack is a deliberate attempt to breach or damage a computer system or network. According the Canadian federal government, a single cyberattack can cost a business an average of $15,000.

Nova Scotia storm: information to know

A winter storm in Nova Scotia is expected to occur on Thursday, January 4, 2018. If you experience damage to your property or vehicle as a result of the storm, please contact your insurance company directly. To view a list of insurance companies, please click here.

Insurance tips during the holiday season

For many, the holiday season could mean shopping online for gifts, leaving home for a vacation or hosting a holiday house party. While festive, these scenarios have opportunities for the “unexpected” to happen –such as identity theft when shopping online. We outline how insurance can help when it comes to hosting a holiday house party, purchasing gifts online and leaving for a vacation. 

MCT Day raises more than $25,000 for the Victorian Order of Nurses Canada

For the past five years, MCT has hosted “MCT Day,” a fundraising initiative in partnership with Economical Insurance, which supports a local cause. Activities, such as barbecues, are held at branch offices to raise funds. This year, MCT Day was held on September 28 and 29, 2017. The charity of choice was the Victorian Order of Nurses (VON) Canada. Thanks to the efforts of employees and Economical Insurance, $25,530 was raised.

How are MCT brokers trusted guides and advisors?

At MCT, we’re trusted guides and advisors when it comes to insurance. When a customer refers their friends or family to us, we know they’re confident in our abilities to provide the best insurance advice. What does being a trusted advisor and guide mean? Here’s an overview from some of our team members.