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Four business insurance myths debunked

According to Statistics Canada, in 2015 there were 1.17 million small businesses in Canada which accounted for 97.9 per cent of employer businesses in the country. Small business wear many hats, such as marketer and  and accountant. MCT commercial insurance experts can take the “driver’s seat” in finding the right insurance, which includes demystifying insurance misinformation. Take a look at four business insurance myths we debunked.

Steering clear of four auto insurance myths

MCT personal insurance brokers help customers through the auto insurance process. This includes educating drivers about which insurance coverage(s) they need and demystifying myths – incorrect auto-insurance assumptions – which cause confusion. Here are the truths to four auto insurance myths.

Planning an event? Make insurance part of the details

Get the right event insurance for your festival.

Whether it’s a summer festival, church fundraiser or a company party, event hosts are responsible for the safety of their guests. Event insurance can help hosts handle the result of unexpected surprises, such as a guest suing for damages if they were injured.

Insurance and craft show vendors

According to the Atlantic Canada Trade Show – which attracts over 1,000 pre-qualified retailers from Atlantic, Central and Western Canada and the United States – the region’s tourism market, which generates approximately $3.24 billion per year, is a key market sector for businesses who produce crafts or gift ware.

Making farm insurance work for farmers: MCT’s Farm Advantage program

MCT's Farm Advantage

Atlantic Canada has a rich agriculture history and Nova Scotia is no exception. That is why MCT Insurance is working with Nova Scotia Federation of Agriculture (NSFA) to provide the right insurance coverage farmers need. The NSFA, established in 1845, encompasses 90 per cent of the farming operations in Nova Scotia. The NSFA is a natural partner for MCT to provide our farm coverage. Our Farm Advantage program offers the enhanced coverage, discounts and the personal service that farmers deserve.