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Car maintenance Posts

Decoding the spill: what’s leaking under your car?


If you pull out of your parking spot and see that your car has left a puddle behind, questions may rush through your mind. What is leaking? Should I drive straight to my mechanic or can it wait? Can I fix it myself? How much is this going to cost to repair?

Before you start worrying, take a moment to look at the fluid. What colour is it? Most cars have at least six different fluids that can leak from under the hood: brake fluid, coolant, windshield washer fluid, engine oil, power steering fluid and transmission fluid.

Car maintenance tips for your road trip


Planning on going on a road trip? Before you head out on the open road, check your car to make sure that it is in good condition and running smooth. With this checklist, you will be free to roll down the windows and enjoy the open road.

We’ve got the recipe for your cleanest car ever

BI-March-SpringCleaning-SmallSay goodbye to winter and hello to spring with this easy-to-follow spring cleaning recipe for your car.

Yields: 1 clean car