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Post-secondary student insurance Posts

Why you need tenant insurance

Tenant Insurance Coverage MCT

Found the perfect apartment? Booked the moving truck?

It’s exciting to find an apartment, house or townhome to rent, but don’t overlook tenant insurance. Not only does it help to protect your belongings in the event of a claim but it also covers other areas and things you are responsible for as a renter. Tenants or renters insurance is one of the most important details for any renter.

Insurance tips for the post-secondary student


With fall fast approaching, as a student you will be packing up your belongings to move to your new lodgings on or near campus. With many important decisions to make while at school, insurance needs should be one of them. Before packing away your laptop, television and iPad, review your insurance coverage. Ensure your vehicle and personal belongings are covered in case of accidental loss or damage while you are away at school.

Your complete fall insurance checklist

Your complete fall insurance checklist

Making apple cider, shopping for cozy sweaters, sipping pumpkin spiced lattes and preparing for Halloween may be some of the activities on your fall checklist. However, we also recommend having a fall insurance checklist to ensure you have taken steps to protect your home and possessions for the winter months ahead. To assist you with this, we’ve outlined a few key points to consider throughout the autumn season.