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Do I need to purchase extra insurance when renting a car?

Car Rental_MCT

You have been waiting in line long enough and before you can take the keys and start exploring the new city, you are asked by the car rental agent – would you like to purchase rental insurance?

Travelling? Don’t forget insurance

Travel Insurance Banner_MCT

Flights? Check. Passport? Check. Travel insurance? In the excitement of planning your next adventure, travel insurance may not be top of mind. However, it is an important thing to pack to ensure you have peace of mind during your escape.

Get your summer home, summer-ready

2016-05-03_Summer Property_Header_MCT


As the days get longer and the weather becomes warmer, many of us start daydreaming about how we will spend those hot summer days and nights.

After being unused or vacant all winter long, we recommend following our simple checklist to get your summer retreat, summer-ready quickly and easily.