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Winterizing your home Posts

Keep warm this winter with our home insulation tips

Insulating Your Home For Winter

The long winter months are back and as Canadians, we are always looking for ways to escape from the cold. Having a home that is well insulated can help you stay warm and comfortable without increasing your energy bill. We uncover a few ways you can insulate your home to keep heat from escaping this winter season

Your complete fall insurance checklist

Your complete fall insurance checklist

Making apple cider, shopping for cozy sweaters, sipping pumpkin spiced lattes and preparing for Halloween may be some of the activities on your fall checklist. However, we also recommend having a fall insurance checklist to ensure you have taken steps to protect your home and possessions for the winter months ahead. To assist you with this, we’ve outlined a few key points to consider throughout the autumn season.

Winterizing your home: What you need to know

Winterizing your home

There’s a briskness in the air that only means one thing: winter is on its way. Before you grab your skis or stock up on hot chocolate, take the time to prepare your home for the months ahead. It could save you time and money down the road.