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Claims – Frequently Asked Questions

As your advocate, our team is here to help.

We understand that you may have questions about the process and effects of filing a claim. Call 1-800-474-4809 with any questions you may have.

Not sure who to contact? Any member of our team can locate your account and put you in touch with the right people.

When I call, what information do you need?

To start a claim, we need your name, address, circumstances of the incident, date and time of the incident, list of damages and injuries, and any other relevant information (including police report details).

If I call my insurance company directly and I get an answering machine, what else do they need to know?

Remember to tell them your preferred means of communication for contact and follow-up (phone or e-mail). Include your daytime telephone number, home and/or cellphone telephone number, and an e-mail address if possible.

Should I contact the police?

For more serious claims (car accidents, thefts from your home or car and personal injury), it is important that you contact the police. You should also get the names and phone numbers of all individuals involved, as well as any witnesses. If your car accident is the result of a hit and run (i.e. your car was damaged by an unknown vehicle while parked), it is important that you report the incident to the police within 24 hours.