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Retail business insurance that is anything but off-the-shelf.

Your retail business is unique, so your retail insurance should be too. From damaged equipment and inventory to cybercrime and business liability, you need coverage tailored to you. That’s where MCT Insurance can help. Our commercial insurance experts have vast experience protecting retail businesses of every size and industry. We take the time to truly understand your needs and do all the legwork for you, including risk assessment and multiple quote comparisons. Then, we simply recommend coverage that’s perfectly suited to your business. 

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Retail businesses we help protect: 
Gift shops, clothing stores, grocery stores, convenience stores, hardware stores, furniture stores, music stores, florists, pet food / pet supply stores, bakeries, fashion accessory stores and more.

What coverage should your retail business consider?

Business liability 
If a customer is injured on your premises, you could face legal action and expensive lawsuits. Commercial general liability insurance protects you from these costs.

Property insurance 
The equipment and inventory in your shop is susceptible to theft or damage. Property insurance covers the cost to repair or replace your business property. 

Cyber insurance 
Stolen credit card information and other privacy breaches can have a devastating effect on any retailer. Cyber insurance covers you in the event a privacy breach occurs and helps you get back on track quickly. 

Business interruption 
If you’re forced to shut down for an extended period of time due to a damaging event, business interruption helps you replace income and get back to business quickly after an insured loss of property.

Customized  coverage
Every retail shop’s insurance needs are different. Customize your coverage to extend protection on anything from crime to loss of customer goods and more.

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